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An Ultra-realistic airport driving simulator for your
ground personnel

Orion Driver is the most realistic airport driving simulator on the market today. This powerful tool allows training customised to your airport environment and diversifies training options with tangible and measurable reporting. Choosing a well-designed driving simulator made for airports and offloading unnecessary traffic from the runway means maximising training time, increasing business value, and reducing management costs.​

State-of-the-art simulation & graphics

Supervised & unsupervised automated exercises

User performance tracking & detailed reporting

Modular & Scalable

Flexible hardware solutions

Powered by Unreal Engine™

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Orion Driver Tern Systems bus

Our driving simulator uses the same 3D environment as Orion Tower and is an accurate simulation of an airport and its surroundings. Powered by Unreal Engine™, Orion Driver features unrivalled graphics and environmental effects also used in the game and film industries. The software’s state-of-the-art graphics are based on thorough airport assessments in cooperation with the airport. Using available off-the-shelf airport models to decrease the modelling time is also possible so you can focus more on your upcoming training season.

We make sure to involve the buyer and end-user in optional customisation for optimal delivery. We believe a modular approach is best for a seamless experience, creating packages with unique functionalities required for each individual airport. This includes setting up API with LMS, specific missions, weather conditions day or night, and more.

Orion Driver allows ground staff to train in diverse driving scenarios which would not be possible to prepare for in real life such as new layouts around construction projects unique to each airport. Pre-programmed missions inspired by real airside incidents may be created to practice common pain points and simulated to reduce the chance of human error, directly increasing airside safety.

Precise driver performance is monitored and reports are generated, providing reliable tracking insights on user behaviour such as how close they are to objects if they are driving within speed limits, and if they obey all configurable rules.


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We’ve partnered with AIRDAT, integrating their PASSPORT Training system with our Orion Driver Simulator. Getting access to live runways for airside driver training is a major challenge for busy airports. Discover how our new driver simulator integration not only improves the user learning experience but also brings increased efficiencies and cost savings for your airport.


Charles Cardwell, Founder & CEO at AIRDAT

"By integrating Passport, AIRDAT’s cloud-based, flexible training management and competency system with Tern System’s state-of-the-art Orion Simulator, we believe we’ve created a highly effective, innovative and streamlined approach to Airside Driver Training."

Interested in learning more about this partnership?


Anna Bjork Isavia ANS

Anna Björk Bjarnadóttir, CSO at Isavia

"By using Orion Driver, we can cut down on our own traffic while providing our people with the correct training environment to prepare them for driving at Keflavik International Airport."

Silja Rún Guðmundsdóttir

Silja Gudmundsdottir
Director of Business Development

TERN_Jónas Ingi Jó (2 of 2) (1).jpg

Jonas Jonasson
International Sales Manager

Ján Cafík
Product Manager

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