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Internship & Research Opportunities

See you at Framadagar 2024!
1 Feb, 10:00-14:00, booth A3

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We are proud to trace our origins back to the universities of Iceland with whom we have maintained a relationship since our inception. Framadagar, an annual networking event hosted by AIESEC at Háskóli Reykjavíkur provides the perfect grounds to continue tending to this relationship in an environment created for raising company awareness and fostering guidance for young professionals - like you.

On February 1, we will see you in booth A3 at HR, searching for new talent to shape the future of aviation together.

Tern Systems offers Internship & Research Opportunities during the summer and beyond. Become part of an expert team and help develop a wide range of products for Air Traffic Controllers and Airports.

So you want an internship

Do you enjoy solving meaningful problems? Are you intrigued by how Air Traffic Control systems are designed and implemented?

You are on the right page!

What to Expect

Every year, we hire interns who become vital members of one of our teams - often they stay on past graduation, and become employees at Tern

Who can apply?

We offer paid internships to university students in their 2nd and 3rd year, or completing their postgraduate studies. While we are a company in the business of software development, we encourage students with all backgrounds to apply 


Should your application be successful, Tern Systems will be sure to set you in an ideal environment where taking on challenging projects amounts to meaningful professional growth

Explore Career Paths With Tern Systems!

Career Paths

R&D in Air Traffic Management

Contribute to international European research projects or develop prototypes and new concepts into our systems.

Building Safety-Critical Systems

Work on developing reliable systems for air traffic control. As part of a team, take part in the definition and development of features in our products.

Implementing Iceland's Air Traffic Management System

Get hands-on experience in implementing Iceland's next-gen Air Traffic Management system, a project with global impact. 

B2B Sales & Marketing

Dive into the business side of air traffic control! Develop and market advanced air traffic solutions, and learn about new business strategies and models in a dynamic industry.

Join us and make a difference in the world of air traffic control!

Intern Highlights

Research Engineer with a focus on Trajectory Prediction


MSc in Systems, Control and Robotics (Electrical Engineering) from KTH - Graduated 2022

Masters Thesis:

2022 - An Adaptive IMM-UKF method for non-cooperative tracking of UAVs from radar data

Developer on the ACES team working on ISDS (Integrated Situation Display System)


BSc in Computer Science at Reykjavík University - Graduated 2018

Summer Project:

2018 - Created a weather display website for Isavia ANS to monitor the weather at Keflavík airport

Software Architect in Ursa Minor, implementing new user interfaces for POLARIS MAG



BSc Software Engineering at University of Iceland - Graduated 2021


Summer Project:

2019 - Built a new air traffic voice communications simulator

2020 - Created an editor for simulated air traffic environments



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Davíð Sindri

Our Interns & Research Students tend to

fast-track to becoming full-time Tern employees

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