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Internship & Research Opportunities

Thank you for visiting our booth at Framadagar 2023!

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We are proud our origins are at the universities in Iceland where we have maintained a relationship with the community since our inception. That includes our annual participation in Framadagar, a networking event between students and leading Icelandic companies. Companies such as ourselves search for new talent to assist in shaping the future of both their successes. It's an environment that builds company awareness and fosters guidance for young professionals - like yourself.

Developed by Tern Systems — Operated by Isavia ANS

Keeping with our connection in aviation, we have partnered with Isavia ANS for Framadagar 2023 at Stand A31-33, where you can learn what air traffic control is and how the Controllers operate with software built for safety in the skies, developed and designed by Software Developers.

Tern Systems offers meaningful Internship & Research Opportunities during the summer and beyond. Become part of an expert team who develops a wide range of products for Air Traffic Controllers and Airports.

Isavia ANS is searching for those who are interested in joining the next generation of Air Traffic Controllers. If that sounds like you, check out their training program.

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So you want an internship

We are looking for collaborators with great talents and passion for solving meaningful problems to join us in building a new generation of Air Traffic Control systems.

What to Expect

Every year, we hire interns who become vital members and team players. Do you have a keen eye for detail and have the ability to think laterally?

Who can apply?

We offer paid internships to university students in their 2nd year, 3rd year, and postgraduate studies, primarily from the computer science and engineering sectors. However, we encourage all backgrounds to apply. 


Should your application be successful, we are confident you will find Tern Systems to be an ideal environment to take on challenging projects and to grow in your career.

2023 Summer Projects

Summer Projects


We offer summer internships for undergraduate (second and third year) and postgraduate students in computer science and engineering. We are, of course, happy to consider applications from other fields as well. As an intern, you will be either a member of one of our development teams working on a running project or become part of a team with other summer interns working on a specific R&D project.

Masters Thesis

Alternatively, are you looking to do your bachelor’s or master’s thesis with a company? We offer a variety of thesis opportunities related to Air Traffic Management Systems, ranging from Business to Computer Science, Engineering and more. The sky's the limit!


Exercise Management System for Orion Airport Driving Simulator

Orion Driver, our Airport Driving Simulator, is a highly realistic and state-of-the-art driving simulator within the Air Traffic Management industry. It is currently being used at Keflavík Airport and has secured interest at multiple large and small airports - large and small - in Europe. This project aims to build a web-based exercise and training management system that would significantly increase functionality. This includes providing the instructor with the capability to schedule training and track important performance indicators for each exercise and student.

Communications Simulator Enhancement
& Integration

Orion Pilot is Tern Systems air traffic simulator, used for training air traffic controllers. When training air traffic controllers, a Voice Communication System is used between trainee and trainer to simulate radio communications with flights and other phone communication. Normally, the voice communication system requires separate hardware and display. The aim of this project is to both improve and integrate the voice communication system developed by Tern into Orion Pilot to improve the usability of the product for the trainers, as well as removing the need for separate hardware for voice communications on training workstations. 


Visualisation of high level winds on Polaris ASD

Polaris Area Situational Display (ASD), is the main interface to Tern Systems Air Traffic Management (ATM) System. This project will focus on visualising high level winds from GRIB2 format (3D vector with position, magnitude and direction) by adding a map layer on top of the map already within Polaris which can be toggled on and off. Visualisation of both air traffic and weather forecast data within the same system increases situational awareness which results in better and quicker decision making.

Intern Highlights

Research Engineer with a focus on Trajectory Prediction


MSc in Systems, Control, and Robotics (Electrical Engineering) from KTH - Graduated 2022

Masters Thesis:

2022 - An Adaptive IMM-UKF method for non-cooperative tracking of UAVs from radar data

Member of the ORION team where she continues to develop the Simulator



BSc Software Engineering at University of Iceland - Graduated 2021

Summer Project:

2021 - Supporting development of the ORION Air Traffic Simulator. Pseudo Pilot and Exercise Creation

Developer on the ACES team working on ISDS (Integrated Situation Display System)


BSc in Computer Science at Reykjavik University - Graduated 2018

Summer Project:

2018 - Created a weather display website for Isavia ANS to monitor the weather at Keflavík airport




Saga Rut



Interns & Researchers routinely become essential members of our diverse community

Davíð Sindri.jpg

Davíð Sindri

Gunnar Dofri


Hörður Snævar Harðarson (1).jpg


Implements new user interfaces for POLARIS MAG, a new Air Traffic Control system developed for the Hungarian air space



BSc Software Engineering at University of Iceland - Graduated 2021

Summer Project

2019 - Built a new air traffic voice communications simulator

2020 - Created an editor for simulated air traffic environments

Develops the Simulator as a team member of ORION



BSc Software Engineering at University of Iceland - Graduated 2021

Summer Project:

2021 - Supporting development of the ORION Air Traffic Simulator. Pseudo Pilot and Exercise Creation

Software developer with Ursa Minor, fine-grading Polaris-ASD Editor



BSc Computer Science at Reykjavík University - exp graduation May 2023

Summer project

2022 - Developing Polaris-ASD Editor where users can CRUD map layers in a more simple and interactive GUI

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