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The Aries Tower Suite is an integrated suite of tower solutions from Tern Systems. Aries includes automated weather observation and reporting, ground lighting control and Navaid monitoring.

Aries Tower Suite is developed in close collaboration with Air Traffic Controllers, Technicians and other aerodrome specialists. We understand that ATCOs need to be able to evaluate complex data quickly and make safety-critical decisions. Our systems are designed to display operational information more effectively than legacy solutions.

The content of UI components can be configured to suit local preferences with minimal effort.


Aries Weather is a certified weather observation and reporting system for airport tower operations. Fully-automated, Aries is a solution with the capability to incorporate manual observations. It collects, stores, and displays all of the information relevant for the Air Traffic Controller, AFIS operator, or other airport operations specialist.

Aries Weather includes Runway in Use selection, Graphical wind direction, Visibility, Cloud layers, Temperatures, Bariatric pressure and RVR. Minimal and detailed graphs for weather data. METAR, SPECI, SYNOP & Other Local MET messages.

ARIES Weather is in live operation in Iceland and Greenland.

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Aries Lighting is a ground lighting control display that is scalable to any specific runway lighting setup. It is an intuitive, modern lighting control and navaid monitoring system that integrates with other tower products within the Aries suite.

The modular architecture of the product suite allows easy and quick deployment and provides flexibility to our customers. Aries is adaptable to any sensor and has no vendor lock-in. Special training is not required to operate, deploy and configure the products, reducing operating costs.

By the end of 2021, Aries will be deployed at a total of 22 airports around Iceland and Greenland. The suite will continue to grow in the future as new products are developed.

Aries Lighting is compliant with industry standards WMO, ICAO, EUROCAE.

For more information on how Aries can be a solution for your airport's needs, contact us at

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