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An Air Traffic Management System delivering on usability, modernity and innovation

Modern, Proprietary UX Design

Trackable user metrics for data-driven decisions

Easy and intuitive system configuration


Nexus - Information Display System

Flexible business models available

Polaris ATM is our flagship product, the next-generation Air Traffic Management System. Our vision is to advance Air Traffic Control by delivering new levels of usability, modernity and innovation. Moving beyond the legacy systems which dominate the industry, Polaris ATM uses technologies which will support our partner's emerging needs in the next decade and beyond. ANSPs who select Polaris as their future ATM system will benefit from new features developed with others within our user group, designed with scalability and adaptability in mind.

A brand new ATM system built for digital-native generations, Polaris benefits from around 30 years experience in creating advanced, operationally-proven ATM software. Polaris ATM not only represents the latest industry technology, but its modular architecture enables the easy adaptation and addition of newer components and capabilities as the ATM industry modernises. It's designed from the start to accommodate complex, fast-changing airspaces.


Benefits for now and the future

Proprietary User-Centred Design

Appearing familiar to the digital native generation and veteran controllers alike, Polaris is easy to master. Our advanced UI supports safe and secure operations, from expansive Oceanic sectors, dense Continental Area Control to dynamic Approach environments. In addition to the technical and operational benefits, the interface design is attractive and highly-consistent. Polaris' Native 4K resolution provides ample working space while situational awareness is enhanced with a comprehensive system of context-sensitive and configurable alerts and notifications.

Intuitive and easy system configuration

Our ATM system is designed with usability as a first principle. Compared to legacy systems, Polaris ATM improves clarity for the operator with updated and easy-to-use tools, which also greatly reduces training and maintenance costs. On top of that, our system supports AIXM as an ENV data source for higher interoperability and efficiency.

Accessibility and shareability of data

Data is now at your fingertips with an easy generation of safety reports, tracking user metrics, and collecting statistics and analytics.

Nexus - Information Display System

Nexus is a web-based system designed for current and future operational needs. This Integrated Information System allows users to access relevant airspace, meteorological data and coordination information efficiently. Controllers can gain data and insights quickly, all optimised for desktop and tablet viewing. Nexus may be fully integrated with Polaris or used as a separate system.

Interoperability and compliance with future frameworks

All standard surveillance sources are supported through multiple ASTERIX categories. Our tracker supports drone tracking and the U-SPACE/ATM integration is ongoing. Polaris supports the latest formats of data sources through all operationally significant standardised protocols.

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Polaris ICE is the foundational version of Polaris. Polaris ICE is one of the newest Air Traffic Control systems in development and has been in operational in Iceland since 2022. The system features a completely redesigned and modern user interface and is built on operationally proven grounds. Highlights of Polaris ICE include ​persistent and dismissible system status dialogues, Native 4K resolution and 3D-accelerated Maps, an all-new Safety Net Server and Flight Data Processor and a highly-performant UI designed for expansion.


Early in the development of Polaris ICE, the product was strengthened when the ANSP of Hungary selected Polaris for their next-generation backup system. Working closely with Tern Systems, HungaroControl has supported the product's development with the addition of their extensive technical and operational experience by managing the most congested Central European airspace and Kosovo.

Polaris MAG [abbr. Magyarország, or "Hungary"] will add critical features, including a range of electronic clearances, flight lists and new Safety Nets.​



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Silja Rún Guðmundsdóttir

Silja Gudmundsdottir
Director of Business Development

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Jonas Jonasson
International Sales Manager

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