Today our Ops team delivered an important upgrade for our customer KAC in Jeju, South Korea. KAC had requested the release to be before the end of 2020, but due to the Covid-19 situation, an on-site visit for the upgrade was not possible.

Despite the prevailing circumstances, an important maintenance release was still required. To achieve it we agreed a streamlined scope that could safely be delivered remotely. KAC received a release candidate last Friday with which they upgraded their systems and performed a planned rollback.

Yesterday, the upgrade was rolled out with support from our Ops Engineer Thórir, and is now operational. Congratulations to all involved on a successful upgrade!

In June Tern Systems deployed the latest generation of the Orion Tower 3D simulator. The project was conducted in collaboration with FerroNATS - the leading commercial air traffic control operator in Spain - to accurately recreate Ibiza airport and terminal from real-world data.

In this release the team was tasked with replacing our legacy 3D tower simulator with the newest Orion Tower simulator, powered by Unreal Engine 4. The Orion Tower team delivered the first iteration of our new distributed rendering technology. Our simulation framework inside Unreal allows for rapid development, testing, and release. We are proud to continue our partnership with FerroNATS and we hope the team in Spain enjoys the new, improved 3D Tower environment.


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