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World ATM Congress 2022

We're excited to announce our return to Madrid with Isavia ANS from 21-23 June for World ATM Congress 2022.

The theme of the booth is a casual, comfortable network setting where interested parties can indulge in a coffee meeting with us and discover how Polaris ATM, Aries Tower, and Orion Simulator are great solutions in transforming forward-thinking partners.

Event highlights:

Tern Systems Reception & Drinks @ 15:00 on Tuesday, 21 June

Networking and discussing with drinks, snacks, and a chance to win tickets to Iceland

Borealis Reception & Drinks @15:00 on Wednesday, 22 June

Networking with new and familiar contacts under the Northern Lights

Tern Systems and NG Aviation Presentation @10:20 on Thursday, 23 June

A discussion on industry impact of digitisation, including availability of digital data, interoperability, and use of digital datasets in AIM and ATM

For the latest updates on World ATM Congress, follow Tern Systems and Isavia ANS.


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