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Tern Systems and NG Aviation Shape Future ATM Systems in Line With Common Project One

Tern Systems and NG Aviation join forces and strengthen their partnership, connecting system capabilities and enabling the newest generation of digital, aeronautical data-driven ATM systems. Magnús Már Þórðarson, CEO of Tern Systems, and Marek Franko, CEO and Co-Founder of NG Aviation, amicably signed a cooperative agreement on the first day of Airspace World in Geneva.

With rising traffic, a challenging aeronautical information environment and more complex infrastructure than ever, it is apparent there is a need for an efficient transition in digitising aeronautical information. Reliable management of aeronautical information and provision of data services is critical to the future development of ATM systems. In addition, the reality of direct data flow between AIM to ATM systems is now entering a new phase of use by Air Navigation Service Providers. Upcoming ATM and CNS infrastructure demands increased automation of processes, support of digital data and enhanced data connectivity by introducing IP-distributed networking and supporting network-centric structures.

Tern Systems and NG Aviation’s cooperation aims to deliver smart solutions for Air Traffic Control that will support safety and automation, removing unnecessary data manipulation and enhancing the capabilities of ATM systems significantly. Together, their ATM expertise, innovative approach, capabilities in AIM and data creation in native AIXM 5.x will meet the Common Project One requirement for ATM systems: to have the capacity to use the SWIM-based aeronautical information exchange.


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