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Polaris MAG proceeds well with HungaroControl

As announced in November 2020, Tern Systems and HungaroControl, the ANSP of Hungary, partnered to develop the Polaris MAG Backup ATM system for Hungary with integrated Drone Monitoring. Polaris is the next-generation system in development to serve future Icelandic Air Traffic Management requirements. The new version for HungaroContreol will provide a research platform for advanced ATM functions and Contingency ATM services to HungaroControl air traffic controllers.

The project recently passed two major contractual milestones. The Preliminary Design Document was accepted by HungaroControl in December 2020 and in March the Detailed Design Document was delivered by Tern Systems and accepted by our Hungarian partners. This means that the project is well under way, the processes of requirements and architectural outcome have been sharpened and now the work aims to deliver Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) as the next major milestone. The FAT aims to confirm that the Polaris MAG will perform according to the initial system and design requirements. Isavia ANS, the owner of Tern Systems and the ANSP of Iceland, have actively participated in reviewing the requirements with valuable feedback.

We at Tern Systems look forward to an ongoing great partnership with HungaroControl in the development of the back-up system Polaris MAG.


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