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Meet the Polaris ICE team

Updated: 5 days ago

Ján Cafík

Tern Systems and Isavia ANS have been collaborating closely for almost 30 years now, developing ATM systems. The newest and most ambitious product being developed is the POLARIS ATM system. The POLARIS ICE team, comprised of members from both companies, is responsible for developing the feature set that will enable Isavia ANS to manage air traffic over the North Atlantic Ocean in the future. The area is more than 5 million square kilometres and is one of the largest control areas in the world.

Here we introduce the first team member: Ján Cafík.

✨ Role within the POLARIS ICE team

We asked Ján about his role within the POLARIS ICE team and he replied: “I mostly focus on connecting user needs and requirements with Product Vision & Strategy. Building an overarching, multi segment plan, laying a necessary foundation for POLARIS ATM to grow further at Isavia ANS and later beyond to ensure sustainable market growth.”

✨ Professional Experience

Ján studied Air Traffic Control (BSc) and Management (MSc) at the Faculty of Aeronautics at Technical University of Košice. He worked with the Slovak ANSP, LPS SR for many years first as a technical administrator (Thales Top Sky, Ales - Letvis, Ales - Letvis RAD Sim, Adacel 3D TWR Sim, EIZO Safe Guard and many more) and technical expert, later helping in international research projects within SESAR - Virtual Centre architecture and UPMS (User Profile Management System) solutions. He has helped set up automated testing and product vision for a small startup within the domain. His experience as both a customer and a service provider at the startup and SME levels has given him a well-rounded perspective.

✨ Life outside of work

When asked about his life outside Tern Systems, Ján says: “I live an active life outside work, doing anything from Basketball to Golf, from Hiking and Running to Swimming. When I feel lazy, or tired, I mainly watch movies or read a good book. :) These days, my main focus outside work is on building the future generation, through my 5 month old son, Liam.

✈ About Polaris ATM

POLARIS ATM is our flagship product, the next-generation Air Traffic Management System. Our vision is to advance Air Traffic Control by delivering new levels of usability, modernity and innovation. Moving beyond the legacy systems which dominate the industry, POLARIS ATM uses technologies which will support our partner's emerging needs in the next decade and beyond. ANSPs who select POLARIS as their future ATM system will benefit from new features developed with others within our user group, designed with scalability and adaptability in mind.


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