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Aries Weather now ready for tower deployment in Greenland

Tern Systems have been working with Mittarfeqarfiit, the operator of airports in Greenland, to deploy the Aries Weather system. The project is progressing according to plan and recently passed the important milestone of Site Acceptance Testing (SAT). The tests were supported by Tern Systems using video-conferencing technology and passed with Aries successfully installed in Nuuk airport. This major milestone in the project and the positive result confirms that the system works seamlessly when connected to weather equipment at Greenland airports. After a validation period required by the Danish regulator, Aries will become the main weather monitoring and reporting system at Nuuk Airport ATC tower. The next step will be to deploy the system in 12 other airports across Greenland. Training for Air Traffic Controllers at Mittarfeqarfiit is scheduled for the coming weeks.

Aries Weather is a proven Aerodrome Weather Reporting system developed by Tern Systems to operate in the harsh weather conditions around Iceland.

Benoit Branger, the Tern Systems project manager for the Aries Weather deployment in Greenland, is very pleased with the result of the SAT and looks forward to the next steps in the project:

“We are confident that the Aries Weather System will be a great addition to the Airport towers in Greenland, providing more efficient weather monitoring and reporting and an enhanced user experience. It has been a great pleasure to work with the experts at Mittarfeqarfiit in this project and we look forward to finishing the system deployment at Greenland’s Airports and to our future relationship.”

Picture: Aries Weather System is a simple Weather Monitoring and Reporting Solution for Airports


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