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Aries Weather Factory Acceptance Testing for Greenland airports

Tern Systems and Mittarfeqarfiit, the operator of airports in Greenland recently performed Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for the Aries Weather system that will be deployed in Greenland later this year. Aries Weather is a proven Aerodrome Weather Reporting system developed by Tern Systems to operate in the harsh weather conditions around Iceland. Aries will be installed first at Nuuk Airport and will be followed by installations in 12 other airports across Greenland.

Traditionally, the Factory Acceptance Testing would be performed with the representatives of Mittarfeqarfiit at our HQ in Reykjavík. But as the COVID pandemic has restricted worldwide travel, our staff had to adapt and use online video-conferencing technology to perform the tests remotely. Our software engineers along with the operational experts at Mittafeqarfiit successfully completed the tests in two days.

We congratulate the team at Tern Systems and Mittafeqarfiit for their work to achieve this great milestone, and we look forward to future co-operation with Greenland airports.

The Factory Acceptance Tests were conducted online between Tern Systems and the team from Greenland Airports.


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