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In June Tern Systems deployed the latest generation of the Orion Tower 3D simulator. The project was conducted in collaboration with FerroNATS - the leading commercial air traffic control operator in Spain - to accurately recreate Ibiza airport and terminal from real-world data.

In this release the team was tasked with replacing our legacy 3D tower simulator with the newest Orion Tower simulator, powered by Unreal Engine 4. The Orion Tower team delivered the first iteration of our new distributed rendering technology. Our simulation framework inside Unreal allows for rapid development, testing, and release. We are proud to continue our partnership with FerroNATS and we hope the team in Spain enjoys the new, improved 3D Tower environment.

Tern Systems can now announce that Mittarfeqarfiit (Greenland Airports) has become our latest Partner.

Tern will deliver Aries Weather at 13 airports around Greenland in the Summer of 2020. Aries Weather is a configurable, multi-site Surface Weather Display developed in partnership with Meteorologists, Air Traffic Controllers, and Aerodrome Technicians.

The Aries interface will be extensively customised to the needs of Greenland Airports and includes the ability to send auto or manual METAR/SPECI plus MET reports and automatic SYNOPS reports.

METAR composition in Aries Weather

Additionally, Aries Weather can be coupled with Aries Lighting - with an original design it is an ergonomic solution for monitoring and controlling aerodrome lighting. When combined, the Aries Tower suite is a powerful and cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized airports.

Tern welcomes Mittarfeqarfiit to the Tern Family, Tikilluaritsi and Qujanaq (Welcome and Thank you)

Please contact Silja Gudmundsdottir, Director of Business Development for more information on Aries Tower solutions or to discuss partnership and collaboration opportunities at

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Each year at Tern Systems we create summer jobs for students from Icelandic universities. Summer Projects are an opportunity for the students gain experience working with our developers and they get to make real improvements in our Air Traffic Systems.

This year we welcome back Davíð Sindri Pétursson, who has completed his second year in Software Engineering at the University of Iceland. Last year, Davið worked on a Radio Communications Simulator and this year he continues to support our Orion Simulator team by developing an Environment Editor application.

User configuration is an important component to keep our systems useful in constantly evolving airspaces. As sectors, equipment and procedures are updated, system administrators can maintain the accuracy and value of our simulator by updating the system configuration. Traditionally, simple configuration files are used but there are drawbacks to this solution such as a lack of validation, difficulties in navigating large configuration files and limiting users to alphanumeric data entry. In this proof-of-concept Editor, we will demonstrate features such as validation of allowed ranges, search functionality, and a basic UI framework so that developers can easily add configurations to the application.

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