Orion is a family of products that provide realistic training for ATC and airport environments. Our products are built using the latest technologies to enable us to serve the training needs of our partners without limitations.


Pseudo Pilot tool for effective control of aircraft during training


Simulation exercise creation from real flight data


A highly-realistic 3D Tower environment 


Airport Driving simulator for driver training

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Simulation exercise creation from real flight data

Orion Creator is an exercise creation tool for use in ATCO training.

We use real flight data so that exercises can be quickly populated with realistic air traffic. Users can easily edit flights to create scenarios for ATC students.

Equipment failure, unscheduled route changes and emergencies can be simulated to provide challenging and reliable training exercises.

Orion Creator is the companion app of Orion Pilot.

Pseudo Pilot for effective control on aircraft during training exercises

Orion Pilot is an all-new Pseudo Pilot application which allows users to effectively control large numbers of aircraft in a simulation.

Orion Pilot does not require Pseudo Pilots to have Air Traffic Control training, only basic training in ATC commands and phraseology is required.

Orion Pilot is currently in use at the Isavia ANS ATC school in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Orion applications are built using Qt5


A highly-realistic 3D Tower simulator

Orion Tower is ultra-high definition 3D simulator which allows for ATCO students in the Tower position to remotely develop their skills in a safe and realistic virtual environment.


Orion Tower is developed using Unreal Engine 4, the engine which powers many of the most popular video games today.
Our simulator is highly-flexible, expandable and stable because it is built on proven and popular technology.


Driving Simulator for airports

Orion Driver is ultra-high definition airport driving simulator which uses Unreal Engine 4™ to provide an affordable training solution with unrivalled support and development potential.


Our Engineers and Designers are recruited from the video games industry. This experience in the latest tools and technology has helped our Driving simulator reach new levels of realism.

Orion Driver is used to safely familiarise airport staff with challenging driving environments.