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Polaris is the flagship ATM suite from Tern Systems. Redesigned and expanded from systems deployed in Iceland, South Korea and Indonesia.


In 2017 Tern Systems and Isavia ANS agreed to collaborate to develop a successor system which would be built using the knowledge developed from live operations and with new technologies. 

Polaris is ready for the future. Built to be modular, it features an all-new front end application with hardware-accelerated graphics and an expanding range of new backend components including Safety Nets.


Air-Situation Display

A fully re-envisioned interface developed through Tern’s User Experience (UX) process and with continuous input and feedback from controllers

Flight Manager

We’re equipping our Flight Data Processor (FDP) with a newly-designed, high-fidelity trajectory modeller to make accurate planning and projection a snap


Surveillance Tracker

A multi-sensor fusion tracker capable of handling radars, multilateration, and ADS-B inputs, and producing a full CAT062 System Track

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Polaris is built using Qt5

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