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Tern Systems receive marketing grant from Rannís

In March this year Tern Systems applied for a marketing grant at Rannís, which manages international cooperation programs and national funds in the field of research and innovation. The grant application was aimed at the Aries Weather and Lighting product for marketing research and activities in the European market. We are happy to announce that Rannís accepted our application in June. This is a great honor for Tern Systems and

strongly indicates that our Aries Weather and Lighting software has great potential to be a successful product in the European market. This grant is a major milestone in that exciting journey.

Aries is the culmination of our decades-long support

of airport tower operations. The Aries suite provides cost-effective solutions for small-to-medium volume airport towers. The Aries Weather solution is currently used in 12 airports in Iceland and will be fully operational in 11 airports in Greenland in the coming months.


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