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We are proud our origins are at the University of Iceland where we have maintained a relationship with the community since our inception. That includes our participation in Framadagar. close ties with uni. University of iceland was a founding partner

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Did you know?

Several current staff at Tern Systems started their careers through our Summer Internship programme. In fact, many met us at Framadagar!



This popular event has students and leading Icelandic companies mingle and network on an annual basis. It's an environment that builds company awareness as well as fosters paths of young professionals - like yourself.

This is an opportunity for students to see if a particular field, industry, or domain interests them as they begin the journey into the workforce. In turn, the companies are searching for new talent to assist in shaping the future of their success.

So you want a Summer internship

We are looking for collaborators with great talents and passion for solving meaningful problems to join us in building a new generation of Air Traffic Control systems.


If this sounds like you, visit us at Framadagar! We want to share how we are transforming the future of Air traffic Management, today. You may even have a chance to try out one of our products, the Orion Driver Simulator.


What to Expect

Every summer, we hire interns who become vital members in one of two ways:

  • Join a team that works on current products

  • Form a team with other interns for a specific project

Depending on the company goal's at the time of hire, the projects are varied due to our approach on real-world experience.

Who can apply?

We offer paid internships to university students in their 2nd year, 3rd year, and postgraduate studies, primarily from the computer science and engineering sectors. As an inclusive work environment, we encourage students of all backgrounds to apply. Who knows? There might be something for you!

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Next Step: Apply!

Should your application be successful, we are confident you will find Tern Systems to be an ideal environment to take on challenging projects and to grow in your career.


Summer Projects

Take a look at some of our successful summer projects coming out of the internship programme. All the accomplishments and milestones made at Tern Systems are due to the collaboration, growth, and extensive knowledge of our employees. Our interns are no exception!

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Aircraft Performance Data Editor

Aircraft performance information is essential to Air Traffic Control applications. Information such as aircraft maximum operational speed, altitude ceiling, stall speed and more are used in trajectory prediction. EUROCONTROL has built the base of aircraft data (BADA) which provides specific datasets to accurately simulate the behaviour of more than 400 aircraft. Visualising and editing these datasets can be difficult and time-consuming. The aim of this project is to create a tool to enable easier and more robust editing of aircraft performance data used in many air traffic control applications.

Exercise Management System for Orion Airport Driving Simulator

Orion Driver, the Airport Driving Simulator developed by Tern Systems is a highly-realistic and state of the art driving simulator. It is currently being used at Keflavík Airport and has secured interest at multiple large and small airports in Europe. The goal of this project is to build a web-based exercise and training management system that would significantly increase functionality by providing the instructor the capability to schedule training and track important key performance indicators per exercise and per student.

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Web-based Information Management System

Information Management Systems (IMS) are used to display operationally relevant information to Air Traffic Controllers (ATC). The current legacy IMS' are outdated and not flexible enough to cope with the changing industry needs. The aim of this project is to develop a flexible, configurable web system that is capable of handling multiple data streams. Combining all this information to a simple yet operationally-complex overview that Air Traffic Controllers need. This would include weather, surveillance, flight data, airspace structures and more. The system would allow operators/supervisors/administrators to change the configuration, sort information and add/edit information dynamically.


Communications Simulator Integration

Orion Pilot is Tern Systems air traffic simulator, used for training air traffic controllers. When training air traffic controllers, a Voice Communication System is used between trainee and trainer to simulate radio communications with flights and other phone communication. Normally, the voice communication system requires separate hardware and display. The aim of this project is to integrate the voice communication system developed by Tern into Orion Pilot to improve the usability of the product for the trainers, as well as removing the need for separate hardware for voice communications on training workstations.


Intern Highlights

Below are some of our past interns who have started their careers at Tern Systems by working with us on summer projects. Not only do these projects hold value, but the talented interns behind the projects routinely become essential members of our community.


Davíð Sindri


BSc Computer Science at Reykjavík University - Graduated 2018.

Summer Project

2018 - Replaced a legacy weather reporting system with an all-new User Interface with added functionality.

Current Work

Creating a new flight data display component for POLARIS MAG, coordinating messages between air traffic control centres and aircraft.



  • BSc in Mechatronics Engineering at Reykjavik University - Graduated 2017

  • MSc in Systems, Control, and Robotics (Electrical Engineering) from KTH - Graduating 2022


Summer Project

2021 - Research thesis: 'An Adaptive IMM-UKF method for non-cooperative tracking of UAVs from radar data

Current Work

Conducting Research & Development with a focus on UAVs and Trajectory Prediction

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Davíð Sindri


BSc Software Engineering at University of Iceland - Graduated 2021

Summer Project

  • 2019 - Built a new air traffic voice communications simulator

  • 2020 - Created an editor for simulated air traffic environments

Current Work

Implementing new user interfaces for POLARIS MAG, a new Air Traffic Control system for use in Hungary.

Saga Rut


BSc Software Engineering at University of Iceland - Graduated 2021

Summer Project:

2021 - Supporting development of the ORION Air Traffic Simulator. Pseudo Pilot and Exercise Creation

Current Work

Continued development of the ORION Simulator as a member of the ORION team.


Careers at Tern

Every summer, we hire interns who become vital members in one of two ways:

  • Join a team that works on current products

  • Form a team with other interns for a specific project

Depending on the company goal's at the time of hire, the projects are varied due to our approach on real-world experience.

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