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A streamlined ATC simulator for any ATM system

Works with any ATM system

Turnkey project support from start to finish

Exercise creation made simple

Automated feed that leads the exercise

State-of-the-art graphics by Unreal Engine™

Easy to operate

Orion Simulator is a suite of solutions designed for Air Traffic Control training that effortlessly operates with any standard ATM system, including Polaris ATM and your current operating system. The family of Orion Creator and Orion Pilot work together efficiently to reduce the expertise and labour required to conduct valuable ATCO training.  Our ATC simulator uses the most current and capable technologies so that operating the systems feels comfortable and the simulations feature impressive levels of realism powered by Unreal Engine. The design and functionality of Orion Simulator are inspired by more than 25 years of experience developing ATC training systems.

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Benefits for now and the future

Simplifying the system for your Pseudo Pilots with our automated feed

With an easy-to-use simulator platform for your Pseudo Pilot, training quality is improved while human error is decreased.​ Features benefitting your Psuedo Pilot include an overview of each exercise prior to training, automated prompts and instructions on screen via the feed, universal understanding of actions with iconography rather than words and allowing your Pseudo Pilot to select their own exercise options and filters based on their needs.

Operate with any standard ATM system with turnkey project support

Orion Simulator is the most realistic training supported with both our flagship ATM system, Polaris ATMand your current ATM system. Pairing our exclusive products is the optimal solution with the simulator created with our ATM system in mind. With first-rate support from start to finish, our specialists will ensure the simulator operates on time and is optimised no matter the system.

Minimise labour while increasing the quality of ATCO training

We've optimised our simulator to make operations more sustainable and more accessible than ever.  By moving from complex, manual exercises to automated prompts,  you are able to minimise labour and focus more on the quality of the ATCOs' training. Our simulator exercises are based on real data or built from scratch, depending on your training needs. In addition, exercises can be reviewed and checked within Orion Creator while editing.

Powered  by Unreal Engine™

Our system features unrivalled graphics and environmental effects also used in the game and film industries. The software’s state-of-the-art graphics are based on an accurate simulation of an airport and its surroundings.

Future voice recognition implementation

Voice recognition is necessary for the evolution of training in ATM. We are taking into account the future integration of Orion Voice — our Voice Communication System for Sim — for each new component added. It’s efficient and affordable to run with our flexible business models.

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Our tower simulator, Orion Tower, is suitable for all types of tower ATCO training, made for airports of all capacities and may be modelled as required with an ultra-realistic user experience. Civilian, military or generic airports for universities can benefit from our tower simulator's features, including realistic ground traffic movements and the simulation of inclement weather including a variety of invisibility obscuration.


​Built in Unreal EngineTM™, Orion Tower benefits from constant progress in performance, functionality and graphical tools. Using this powerful foundation, the 3D simulation may import existing 3D models and can be adapted to the specific needs of customers.

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​Both Orion Simulator and Orion Tower are operated by Isavia ANS in Iceland and FerroNATS in Spain.

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Get in touch!


Paweł Sobolewski, Product Manager Tern Systems

Contact our Product Manager to book a demo and learn how Orion Simulator can be the right fit for your simulator and training needs. 



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