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Polaris, our flagship ATM system, is developed in partnership with Isavia ANS and HungaroControl.  It is an all-new system designed for the digital-native generation, incorporating the latest technologies to accommodate upcoming capabilities—modular and designed to adapt to unique operational needs. It is built with operationally-proven components and additional components are designed, built, and integrated to accommodate the emerging needs of Polaris partners.


Polaris ASD is the foundational version of Polaris. Entering operation in Iceland in 2022, Polaris ASD is one of the newest ATC systems in development. Featuring a fully-redesigned and modern user interface, Polaris is an exciting new entrant into the market. Highlights of Polaris ASD include:

Persistent and dismissible system status dialogs, Native 4K resolution and 3D-accelerated Maps, all-new Safety Net Server and Flight Data Processor. A highly-performant User Interface design for expansion.

Polaris ASD went operational in December 2022.

Isavia ANS.png
Polaris MAG.png

During the development of Polaris ASD, the project was strengthened when HungaroControl, the ANSP of Hungary, selected Polaris for their next-generation backup system. Working closely with Tern Systems, HungaroControl support Polaris' development with the addition of their extensive experience in operating fully-electronic Air Traffic Control systems.

Polaris MAG [abbr. Magyarország "Hungarian"] will add critical features including a range of electronic clearances, flight lists and new Safety Nets.

Partners who select Polaris as their future ATC system benefit from new features developed by other partners ANSPs. Unlike some systems which have been in operation for decades, Polaris is a truly modern system which uses technologies that will support emerging needs over the next decades.


Interested in seeing a demo of Polaris and learning how it can be the solution for your ATM needs? Contact us at

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