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Orion Simulator is a suite of solutions designed for Air Traffic Management training. Orion is a family of products which work together to reduce the expertise and labour required to conduct valuable ATCO training.


Our simulator uses the most current and capable technologies so that operating the systems feels comfortable and the simulations feature impressive levels of realism. The design and functionality of Orion are inspired by more than 20 years of experience developing ATC training systems. The Orion Simulator suite is currently in use in Iceland by Isavia ANS and in Spain by FerroNATS.

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Orion Creator is an exercise creation tool for the Orion ATC simulator suite. Orion Creator features a modern and unique interface design paired with functionality that makes exercise creation powerful and straightforward.

Users may recreate operational situations by importing recorded live data or picking specific flights from a synchronised database of flights. Multiple flights can be selected with their route visualised on the map providing a complete picture of the air traffic situation to the instructor. The UI is timeline-oriented allowing for easy review and playback of the exercise. Surveillance outages and SIGMET events may be added as exercise milestones.


Highlights of Orion Creator include: A holistic overview of exercises. Features directly-interactable flight path editing, Multi-sector exercises. Recordings of real flight data are used to populate exercises which are for APP and ACC positions.

Orion Creator is currently operated by Isavia ANS in Iceland.



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Orion Pilot is a pseudo-pilot interface in the Orion ATC simulator suite. By applying the same design principles that are common across our product portfolio, we created a system that increases both the effectiveness and realism of air traffic simulations.

Managing and minimising workload per pseudo pilot decreases the cost of training and enables multi-sector exercises with less personnel. Following issued clearances is straightforward and the system will suggest the predicted next step of complex clearances. Orion Pilot has a built-in actions log, removing the need for printed or external exercise logs.


The user interface is designed for efficiency, only displaying the options relevant for the current flight leg for a selected aircraft. Orion Pilot is currently operated by Isavia ANS in Iceland.



State-of-the-art design

Flexible hardware solution

Streamlined experience


Powered by Unreal Engine 5

Orion Tower is suitable for all types of tower ATCO training and for airports of all capacities. Civilian, Military or generic airports for Universities may be modelled as required. Orion Tower features realistic ground traffic movements and the simulation of inclement weather including a variety of invisibility obscuration.

The Orion Tower simulator offers and ultra-realistic user experience. Built in Unreal EngineTM, Orion Tower benefits from constant progress in performance, functionality and graphical tools. Using this powerful foundation, the 3D simulation may import existing 3D models and can be adapted to the specific needs of customers.

Orion Tower is used by Isavia ANS in Iceland and FerroNATS in Spain.


Leif Eiriksson International Airport (KEF) in Orion Tower



State-of-the-art design

Flexible hardware solutions

Multi-vehicle options

Driver data and tracking

Powered by Unreal Engine 5

Collaborative UX design

Orion Driver is the most realistic airport driving simulator on the ATM market today. This powerful tool is based on real-life information for ground operations personnel training. Taking trainees off the actual runway and in front of a driving simulator customised to your airport environment is two-fold: not only can run on a separate schedule from the runway, but you can also reduce instructor time and numbers, ultimately cutting costs and increasing value.


To anticipate the risks to passengers and airport staff from vehicle traffic, complex ground movements require highly-trained personnel who know how respond to real-life scenarios. Our driving simulator uses the same 3D environment as Orion Tower and is a highly-accurate simulation of an airport and its surroundings where the state-of-the-art graphics are based on in-depth research and on-site analysis in cooperation with the buyer. It allows ground staff to train in the basic driving scenarios and familiarise themselves with new layouts around construction projects unique to each airport.


Pre-programmed missions inspired by real airside incidents may be created to practice common pain points and simulated to reduce the chance of human error. Precise driver performance is monitored and reports are generated, providing reliable tracking insights on user behavior such as how close they are to objects, are they driving within speed limits, and do they obey tower rules.

Powered by Unreal EngineTM, our simulator features unrivaled graphical fidelity and environmental effects used in film and universally known. Development time is more efficient compared to using in-house engines which means you can spend less time creating and more time focusing on your upcoming training season. We make sure to involve the buyer and end-user in the design and experience for an optimal experience and delivery. We believe a modular approach is best so your experience is seamless and customisable. Although custom hardware can be built for Orion Driver, reliable off-the-shelf hardware can be used as an economical solution.​​


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